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Module3_Study quiz 3 bible 104
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As you read this week’s textbook reading assignments, take notes in response to these questions and statements.  This study guide will help you to prepare for your quiz.




Chapter 8


  1. Why does the book of Numbers begin with a census? It served not only to count the people but also to organize them – the figures given are supposed to be the number of men who were able to go to war, and they reflect major military fighting units + the census would also provide a basis on which to divide the land (organized around 12 tribes) + the census also helped impress the original audience with the great work of God’s sustenance + another purpose of the census was to validate God’s sustaining for the entire forty-year period of wandering / (Numbered the tribe of Levi – tribe of priests + divided into family groups for purposes of assigning the jobs of ministry)


  1. What is a Nazirite? Samson would be a lifelong Nazirite - ***this is an exception *** / the Nazirite normally made a vow or promise associated with a request from God. There is no reason given for the specific requirements on the part of the Nazirite. While most vows lasted for a limited period of time, some Nazirites were under lifetime vows, including Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist – a noted NT example of a person taking short-term vows is the apostle Paul – a Nazirite was a person who consecrated himself or herself for a particular purpose, that is, a special period of faithfulness – normally this was for a short period of time and was accompanied by a vow or promise to God – associated with this promise were 3 obligations (1) the Nazirite could not cut his hair for the period of the vow, 2) had to refrain from drinking wine and from eating anything made from grapes, and 3) was to avoid becoming unclean through touching dead bodies)
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