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Create an Internet marketing plan
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Create an Internet marketing plan

Create an Internet marketing plan for the event or to market yourself as an event planner for your final project topic. 

For this assignment, the topic is a Film Opening Night Dinner, where private guests are invited or even public depending on the choice, there is food and music and entertainment, and it has about 200-500 guests, so the marketing would be to investors to see the film, as well as guests to be interested.

Week 6 Assignment

Create an Internet Marketing Plan for your event or to market yourself as an event planner for

your final project topic. You may refer to general guidelines described this week’s assigned text


Some questions to ask include the following. How will you advertise? Where will you advertise? What is your target market? How much are you willing to spend on advertising for your event?

The paper should be minimum of 750 words, APA formatted, using at least 3 authoritative,

outside references (anonymous authors, web pages and Wikipedia are not acceptable).

Category Points Weighting Description Understanding 20 44% Demonstrate a strong grasp of creating an online

marketing plan for an event or to advertise as an

event planner. A quality paper will have a

significant scope and depth of research to support

any statements. Relevant illustration or examples

are encouraged. Analysis 20 44% Apply original thought in preparing your paper.

Apply concepts from the course material in

preparing your paper. Make sure you cover all

aspects of an online marketing plan. Execution 5 11% Prepare a paper that is organized, concise,

coherent, and can be easily read and understood. Total 45 100% A quality online marketing plan will meet or exceed

all the above requirements.

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