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Nancy Sommer’s article on “Revision.” As you read, pay close attention to the different types of “ 2
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Reading: Nancy Sommer’s article on “Revision.” As you read, pay close attention to the different types of “revision” and decide which of those types apply to you. The article will be attatched,

Then, in 300 words or more reflect upon your writing process (how you write.)  The purpose of this reflection is to understand what you do from the moment of reading the writing prompt to turning in the finished piece of writing.

As a general organization for this discussion post, I suggest going through your writing process from your prewriting brainstorming/thinking state, to the whatever-you-do-between-thinking-and-writing, onto the drafting stage, and finally, discuss how you approach any revision stage before turning in the final product.  With this in mind, I know that some writers spend much more time thinking and planning while others spend little to no time planning and just jump in to the writing portion. Therefore, the only restriction for this discussion post is you cannot say: "I don't have a process.  I just write." Because even as I am writing this, I am making hundreds of choices for every letter, word, sentence, paragraph that I write.  So, if you have trouble reflecting on what you have done while writing in the past, then, at least, consider the choices you make while you write and consider why you make those choices.

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