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CIS 336 Enterprise Architecture-Term PaperThe Service Oriented Architecture 2
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Term Paper: The Service Oriented Architecture

James R. Kennedy II

Dr. Lawrence Meadors

CIS 336 Enterprise Architecture

September 6,











“SOA is a confusing term because it describes two very different things. The first two words describe a software development methodology. The third word, architecture, is a picture of all the software assets of a company, much as an architectural drawing is a representation of all the pieces that together form a building. Therefore, service-oriented architecture is a strategy that proclaims the intention to build all the software assets in the company using the service-oriented programming methodology.SOA is the overarching strategy for building software applications inside a company—think of an architectural blueprint—except that in this case, the architecture calls for all the pieces of software to be built using a particular software development methodology, known as service-oriented programming. Web services, meanwhile, are a set of standard communication mechanisms built upon the World Wide Web. Web services are a linking and communications methodology. SOA is an overall IT strategy.”(SOA Definitions and Solutions, n.d.)

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