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Assignment 4

Capstone Project

Sabuhi Allahverdiyev

BUS544(Int’l Business Strategy)

Instructor: Dr Travis Davidson

Date: 7 September 2014

Strayer University

Summer 2014








Capstone Project


Markets are ruled by competition. Numerous businesses compete among one another for maintaining the share in market. Furthermore, rivalry assists businesses in improving their current products by adding newer functions and features for the reason that it is the goal of every company to lead the market and be beyond its closest rivals. In doing so, failure can lead to the business bankruptcy. Novelty comes into play, because newer technology is being improved and developed daily. However, innovation and technology are connected closely. The capability of envisioning the future and creating the best sort of technology will be an achievement for any corporation. This paper will analyze and compare the current strategies of business for two competitors, Samsung and Apple. Additionally, it will define each vision and mission of the company that is aligned with an organization’s strategic direction and goal. Furthermore, the essay will conduct a SWOT analysis, along with dwelling on the tactics that Samsung and Apple’s leaders have changed for effective operations to cultural differences. Moreover, the paper will assess organizational competences of each company that assist in increasing the profit and performance. Additionally, the paper will suggest a business tactic for exploiting effectiveness. In conclusion, the paper will define the way the Samsung and Apple discouraged immoral conducts and the way both businesses can develop performance of business.

The exploration of current business strategies 

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