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Environment analysis of the Motorcycle industry

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 The Analysis of H-D's External Environment.

Environment analysis is the very important to know the exact position of industry or company globally so that strategy can be created to boost the organization growth and a sustainable organization can be built. Harley-Davidson is the American motorcycle brand which is aimed to provide the powerful riding experience to its customer.

Harley Davidson is having the great brand loyalty among the customer and people who previously used the Harley Davidson they all again prefer the HD at the best option for the motorcycle experience. So it shows that HD is providing the best user experience. HD is expanding its target internationally for the woman rider which is best to increase the market share because now a day’s number of woman riders are increasing to it is the best time to grab all woman drivers. Currently total 12% of Harley Davidson motorcycle belongs to women driver so it is showing the strong increment in the women rider percentage

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