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Market Structure of Low-Calorie Frozen Microwavable Food Company
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Title: Market Structure of Low-Calorie Frozen

Microwavable Food Company

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1.Outline a plan that will assess the effectiveness of the market structure for the company’s operations.Note:In Assignment 1, the assumption was that the market structure [or selling environment] was perfectly competitive and that the equilibrium price was to be determined by setting QD equal to QS. You are now aware of recent changes in the selling environment that suggest an imperfectly competitive market where your firm now has substantial market power in setting its own “optimal” price.

Low calorie microwavable frozen food industry is now one of the booming and fastest growing industries today.  During the recent times the industry has shown steady growth. It is now in the billion dollar category industry and the industry has observed vast potential in the days ahead. A growing number of firms are producing various types of such food which is convenient to cook and best suits with American’s taste and diet.Low calorie microwaveable frozen food becomes an integral part of the diet of many American families today .It estimated that approximately 72% Americans consume such low calorie frozen food. This is primarily due to the hectic and busy schedule 

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