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ACC 206 Final Paper
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Final Paper: ABC's Corporate Controller

Marco A. Caban

ACC 206 Principles of Accounting II

Submitted to Professor George Wakgira

January 30, 2014












Final Paper: ABC's Corporate Controller

            Within any organization there are many parts working towards a common goal. At the helm of this organization is the CEO. How he or she cannot make every decision in the organization so he or she relies on the junior and senior executives around to make a well educated decision on what to do. In the case of ABC Company, the CEO wants to decide whether the new project should be implemented and how it can be afforded. As Corporate Controller it is my job to provide the necessary information such as estimated costs and returns to help the CEO in making this decision.

In order to gauze the financial ability of the company, some analysis of the company's financial statements, income statements, balance sheets  is conducted. This will report the viability of the 

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