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CJS 240 Week 7 DQ 1 and DQ 2
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Juveniles have the tendency to fall into crowds that they believe can boost their social and psychological needs. Juveniles want to have a feeling of acceptance and avoid the whole lecturing process which their elders. If parents or legal guardians become more concerned in the self-esteem of their children this would decrease the urge for juveniles to become victims of peer pressure and things of that nature, it would tremendously help. Juveniles presently in neither society are not getting the required assistance or attention they need or deserve from home so this caused them to seek it elsewhere like their peers or the media. The issue with that is their peers and the media are just as confused and gullible as they are, and it becomes like the saying the blind leading the blind. Many juveniles feel as though they have to act out and appear cool in order to fit in and become accepted or acknowledged by their peers. The juvenile whom are usually named as the leader of these groups is generally not as confident as they appear and normally will perform delinquent acts as of way of proving his or herself worthy of their title. These so-called leaders will do things they would not regularly do. It is my belief that delinquents make the choice to decide to act out of rebellion and when they do this can attract them or they can attract certain individuals that act similar so that these juveniles do not feel as though they are doing any wrong and do not have to hear anyone lecturing them about their criminal actions

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