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CJS 240 Week 5 DQ 1 and DQ 2
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It essentially depends on the situations surrounding the case. It is my belief that an individual that is going to be implicated with the juvenile ought to be on a need to know starting point. If there is a ongoing danger to others, then the community and the press should be allowed to distribute pictures and names. The principal concern with doing this is that as a minor there are many concerns with the child’s future that could potentially be jeopardized by the printing of their names and pictures. This could have affects on present or potential education, employment, and relationships. On the other hand, the community’s security is vital if the adolescent criminal continues to be a threat. It would be a misfortune to see a child commit a crime under peer pressure, or a crime that was really petty or irrelevant and have this type of act destroy their young life. It is my belief that it is all based upon the circumstance, and as to what is and not shown. If a child is labeled as a juvenile offender in their youth, and it is published then the juvenile will more than likely continue on a criminal path and become an adult offender.  After a child or an adult has a record they may feel as though there is no hope for them because they will never have the ability to escape the label of offender.

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