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CJS 240 Week 3 DQ 1 and DQ 2
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A community that exemplifies the concept of social disorganization within Saint Louis, Missouri is the city of Saint Louis. The city has become filled with crime because of gangs, drug dealers and users just to name a few. Houses that were once beautiful places to live have become condemned and an eye sore. Drug dealers here use these vacant houses to sell drugs and continuously increase the already high crime rate.Gang violence continues to kill our youth mostly the African American race.The city was a very peaceful place to live until about a decade ago, now it isn't safe to leave your car in front of your house due to the high theft and robbery rate, or car accidents( hit and runs).I would implement more community based programs and education on working toward deterring crime. Revitalization starts with the people of the community so if I could educate and get the people in my community more involved in restoring and changing our community for the best we could eliminate or reduce the crime here. I would also look into funding more drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs to help those individuals who have became victims of drug and alcohol abuse, because it is my belief that the more people who are involved in reforming our community the better and there is not anyone better to raise the awareness of change in the community than an ex-drug user, drug dealer or criminal that has changed their ways.

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