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From Michigan.


College drop out.


Was given a hardship discharge from the Army.


Divorced twice with three children.


 40 yrs. old at time of the crime he was convicted of.




Currently serving consecutive life sentences.


Federal conviction for conspiracy and manslaughter after mixing the materials that created the bomb left in the rental truck.


Sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.


State conviction on 161 counts of murder.


Sentenced to 16 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.


Florence, CO “Supermax”



Highly secured perimeters (featuring walls or reinforced fences),


Multiple-and-single occupant cell housing,


Highest staff to inmate ratio,


Close control of inmate movement


Electronic doors, cameras and audio equipment

Intensifies the techniques of isolation and sensory deprivation.  This increases more violence and less self-control.


Eat, sleep, and defecate in their cells


Allowed out of their cells 9 hours per week


Three times a week with one other person for three hours.

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