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CJA214 Week one
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In 1828 Sir Robert Peel began the establishment, which was later known as the London Metropolitan Police. The Metropolitan police were the first modern police agency. Officers were employees of the state and not just citizens assisting in apprehending criminals. They were required to wear uniforms and badges with their identification information on them. These practice are still used today in American Policing. The first police officers in American did not wear uniforms at first just a badge and a distinguishing cap. The basis of Sir Robert Peel’s Principle of Policing (1829) were the model for many forces around the world,including the American Policing (Heath Grant/ University of Phoenix, 2012). The big difference between Sir Robert Peel’s system and America’s system would be that America’s police are not exclusively controlled by the government, American voters have a say in how they are run and who is running them through elections.

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