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CJA 474 Week 3 DQ 2
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An example of a job within the criminal justice system will be that of a police officer. The job has many areas of motivation. First, one can feel proud that he is serving and protecting the citizens to create a safe and secure environment for all to live in. As such, this helps to spur the individual on. Next, a police officer can also be motivated because justice can be served when criminals are caught and when investigations reveals important information that can offer a voice to those who are harmed or hurt. On the other hand, there are certain characteristics of the job which can lead to dissatisfaction or burnout. First, there is the constant danger and risks which the officer is exposed to. In addition, police officers can also be exhausted because they may need to work long hours to handle emergency situations or to tackle crime. To redesign the job to emphasize the motivational factors and deemphasize the sources of dissatisfaction, more training can be provided to officers to help them to reduce dangers and risks by allowing them to be more alert and better able to handle these situations. In addition, adequate labor can also be hired to ensure that officers are not overworked for various processes and tasks can now be further broken down and delegated.

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