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CJA 474 Week 1 DQ 2
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I am very happy with my department's code of ethics it is the way they decide to apply them. I realize that there is no possible way for the administration to address every "what if" question that arises with a specific penalty defined in the policy manual and that each case should be addressed on an individual basis. However, I think that the determination of what constitutes a violation of the policy is very subjective based on the administration especially as it applies to off duty behavior. For instance as I pointed out on DQ 1 recently an officer from a neighboring department suspended an officer for conduct unbecoming for having an extramarital affair. But a few years ago a supervisor, who was married  in the department where I work was having an affair with an officers wife and nothing was done. Another incident involved the now deputy chief who took a department vehicle while on duty to evict his girlfriends husband from his property. 


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