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BUS610 Wk5 Assignment
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            Change is powerful, yet more often something that people are resistant to.  Whether due to internal or external factors, the pressures that people – both management and employees – go through when tasked with implementing and accepting change can be overwhelming.  While there are many reasons one will resist change, often the forerunner can be due to a lack of understanding – not only why the change must happen, but how it will happen.  There are many theories surrounding how to best handle the challenge of change, and Kotter’s theory is the most cited and descriptive, lending to a systematic process of implementing and maintaining change.  This paper will examine the resistance I experienced when faced with change, and the possibilities locked up in Kotter’s theory that may have helped the process of change I resisted.  Mainly, change is a process that can be successful if the right people are given the right tools to implement the necessary factors. 

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