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BUS610 Wk3 Assignment
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Conflict is considered to be a natural occurrence during communication, though most people are unable to deal with conflict in a constructive manner.  Since there will inevitably be conflicting points of views, and more often than not those conflicting views may be involved with high running emotions, the necessity and ability to resolve conflict is an important part of communication.  There are various ways to approach the resolution of conflict, and it is important for the management of a company to know the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict.  Functional conflict, otherwise known as constructive conflict, is what a company uses to improve upon certain facets of the company – as if by a trial and error type of process (Baack, Management communication).  Dysfunctional conflict, however, is what occurs when one individual intentionally harms another – through actions that introduce dysfunction into a company and burden the effectiveness of the company.

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