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BUS610 Week 5 Assignment
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Change is a term most are familiar with, and within the confines of business, change is expected; managers are promoted and replaced by new staff, turnover with first-line employees can be common place, and the inevitable, resignation (or termination) because a person has outgrown a position or employer is commonplace. “A new paradigm has cascaded over what was once taken for granted in the places where we work. We can no longer assume that things will stay as they have been—all [are] vulnerable to swift and drastic change” (Jeffreys, 1995). It is the intent of this paper toanalyze the internal and external factors contributing to an individual’s resistance to change. This will be illustrated vis-à-vis a personal narrative involving my mother and a recent organizational shift which resulted in change, and ultimately her lack of trust in the organizations management.

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