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BUS610 Week 4 Assignment
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            Business ethics are deemed behavioral traits which can include “honesty, accuracy, and sound judgment—exemplified by individuals who have cultivated and continue to demonstrate a high moral character” (DeKay, 2011). Robert Nardelli is the notorious former CEO of Home Depot,the nation's second-largest retailer after Wal-Mart Stores. Nardelli’s infamy is due in part to his leadership style –one he groomed and perfected at his previous tenure as head of General Electric – which has been described as ‘maniacal’, ‘exacting and tough-minded’, and ‘autocratic and stubborn’ (Grow et al, 2007). It is the intent of this paper to explore business ethics as they relate to Robert Nardelli, while also examining three pertinent leadership theories applicable to business: Trait, Behavioral, and Situation and Contingency theories. Ethics are a collection of values that guide businessesand their respective policies and decisions and this paper will detail how the ethical philosophy of Nardelli affected the reputation, productivity and bottom line of the Home Depot.

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