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BUS600 Wk5 Assignment
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The article, Workplace Bullying: Costly and Preventable, by Weidmer (2011) was written to expose, analyze, and aim to prevent the occurrence of workplace bullying in businesses and schools.  The primary message of this article is for everyone, especially those in an authority position, to become educated and adamant about the unacceptable practices of workplace bullying –as well as how to prevent it.  Weidmer (2011) states that the existence in the workplace of “…combining leadership with an environment of respect will contribute to the well-being of all employees…” (p. 41).  This simple outlook on how people in all aspects of the workplace should be treated, as well as how they should treat others, combined with the correct amount of leadership, is he key to extinguishing the ever-apparent problem of workplace bullying.  

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