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BUS600 Week 2 Assignment a
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In this paper I will compare and contrast the United States and Saudi Arabia using Geert Hofstede’s value dimensions of culture which is based on five dimensions. The first dimension is power distance, which correlated is correlated with income inequality. The second dimension, individualism, is correlated with national wealth. The third dimension is masculinity – femininity, this dimension relates between a male dominated power associated cultures versus a more caring equal based culture associated with femininity. The fourth dimension is uncertainty avoidance, this dimension as stated in out text “Cultures with high levels of uncertainty avoidance exhibit words that indicate confidence in judgment’s regarding various outcomes. More disparaging language focuses on risky situations” (Baack, 2012, p. 23). The fifth and final dimension is short – or long – term orientation, which is associated with types of communication and the content of that communication. 

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