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BUS210 Week 1 checkpoint Business models and systems
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One on the frequent places that my family shops at is Ki-Be Market. This is a small town Mom & Pops grocery store. They have items like fresh local grown vegetables and fruits. They carry meet and other basic items that a family would want or need. This grocery store entices the customers by having farm animal foods and veterinarian supplies like shots. Ki-Be market sells products just like any other grocery store, this is the only store in town, so they do not have to worry about beating out the competitors. This stores business as occupations is set up with items that the customers and community commonly need. Ki-be is the kind of store you go to when you have forgotten to get something from Wal-mart, because there prices are a little steep. I usually wait till there is a big sale, or only go there is I need something now and can’t wait till I drive into town. Business as an organization

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