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At the facility where I work we are bound by certain Federal and State funds and regulations.  Each year to be in compliance we have to study and review what we’re learned before beginning working at the facility. Certain HIPPA rules apply that are consistence with the jobs that are performed at the Health Department. Certifications are mandatory for the continuous operation of the organization. It does warrant that certain generations are covered along with the ability to handled generational policies. To capture learning and knowledge review boards are annually visited and through preparations and coaching to ensure correct procedures are performed; employees are randomly called upon to determine whether training has been implemented and followed.  To ensure future learning our established can make available to everyone the opportunity to attend seminars or webinars at certain intervals to keep each up to date.  Mainly there are certain employees who have the opportunity to attend meetings with the intent that all will be informed of new information, but that is not the case and at times pertinent information is not shared until the need has arisen and there is a situation that needs immediately attention.  The information has been there it just has not been issued to the correct staff/employees that need it. The omission is not intentional but it was forgotten and often times it can cause a serious problem when certain guidelines must be followed that have changes to specific Federal Poverty Levels (FPL).

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