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BSHS 441 Week 4 Individual Assignment Paper Based on Literature Review
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I find to be a wonderful site for people to get help with their health issues. A person could benefit a few different things as a member of One of the thing mentioned about this site was not only will they help a person enhance their life but they can also meet other people or new friends. One of the reason people rely on Wellness is because people seek people they can trust and feel comfortable with. On the other hand people don’t know where to start and wellness can help with a plan. Sometimes it takes tool, motivation and support to get a person on the track they would like to be on and to pursuit their happiness. There are people who join the Wellness and do have any issues or mental illness but they just want to have some support. I would recommend this to people who want to seek happiness or just wants to have someone to support them. I do think mediation would be appropriate for this specific population.

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