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BSHS 441 Week 3 Team Assignment Interview of a Social Service Agency on Their Use of Mediation
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Jan Ewing works as an Advocate at the Juvenile Detention Center in Columbus, Ohio. This Advocacy program is funded by United Way, which is non-profit organization. Jan coordinates meetings and intakes for Juveniles who need an Advocate. She mentioned the many services they provide to juveniles such as a program called A Second Look. This program connects with juveniles who have been in trouble with the local police for their first time. The juveniles will go to court and listen to serious cases of other seriously troubled juveniles. After they listen to these cases and they act as the juror and they decide what punishment the juvenile should receive for the crime committed. These juveniles also meet once a week to talk with other teens who they can relate to.  Some of the other services they provide is tutoring, school supplies, job coaching, housing programs, counseling, intervention programs and much more. This program is for children who have been on trouble with the local police only. 

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