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BSHS 441 Week 3 Team Assignment Interview of a Social Service Agency on Their Use of Mediation 1
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Colleen Mulready is the Director of the Ulster County Dispute Resolution Center located in Kingston, New York. Most of the mediators in the program go through a 32-hour training followed by an apprenticeship that will last until Ms. Mulready feels they are ready to handle mediations on their own. Mediators from the Dispute Resolution Center take cases from both family and criminal courts, probation, neighbor disputes, parent/child issues, consumer/merchant, landlord/tenant, corporations, businesses, and a variety of other referral sources (Mulready, 2012). This interview will provide a synopsis of Ms. Mulready’srole as Director, trainer, and mediator with the Dispute Resolution Center; discuss mediator neutrality, impartiality, and confidentiality; and will touch on the issue of mediator bias, limits of the mediator, scope of power, and conflict of interest; and delve into Ms. Mulready’s personal view of her role as a mediator; the roles of the advocate and the mediator will also be compared

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