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BSHS 441 Week 3 Individual Assignment Paper on the Challenges of Being an Advocate and Neutral Facil
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Human Service Professionals have many different qualities they utilize on a daily base when working with their clients. One of the most important tasks that a Human Service Professional helps the client with are challenges that the client is faced with. A client making decisions can be one of the tasks that the Human Service Professional would need to assist with. Some people would think that a person would not need help with making a decision but that is not true and the Professional can help in a way that makes the decision making easier for the client. As a Human Service Professional in order for the professional to help the client in an effective manner they must be familiar with theregulations and proper procedures. What is an Advocate? An Advocate is a person who helps people normally people who can’t help themselves. These certain types of people could range from a mental impairment to a physical impairment. What is an Mediator? The Mediator is very similar to an Advocate. The difference would be the Mediator  is help one or a few people.

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