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BSHS 441 Week 2 Team Assignment Interview of a Social Service Agency Using Advocates 1
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Advocate Interview

            Steven Monaghan is currently employed at the Outreach Coordinator with the Family of Woodstock, a non-profit agency in Ulster County, New York. Family of Woodstock provides a variety of services throughout the county, including: hotlines, walk-in-centers/outreach programsfor youth, emergency shelters, food, clothing, case management services, a domestic violence shelter, batterer’s intervention counseling, visitation supervision for foster care, life skills training, transitional housing, and substance abuse program (Monaghan, 2012). This interview will provide a synopsis of Mr. Monaghan’s advocacy role within the Family of Woodstock; describe the population served by the agency; discuss the advocacy model used by Mr. Monaghan and the agency; and delve into Mr. Monaghan’s personal view of his role as an advocate.

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