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BUS610 Week 4 Written Assignment
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In this paper, I will discuss the broad area of conflict resolution and how it relates to team-building exercises primarily in the workplace of a typical organization. In regards to the workplace, conflict resolution is a variety of methods for alleviating or eliminating sources of conflict. The term is sometimes used interchangeably with the term dispute resolution or alternative dispute resolution. Processes of conflict resolution generally include negotiation, mediation, and diplomacy. Conflict resolution is any lessening in the severity of a conflict. It may require conflict management, in which the parties continue the conflict but take on less extreme tactics; resolution, in which they reach agreement on enough issues that the conflict stops; or removal of the underlying causes of the conflict. In the text the author stated, “Formal conflict resolution and grievance programs are helpful. Overly political people should not be hired, and employees who get results without playing political games should be publicly recognized and rewarded” (Kinicki, p341, 2009).

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