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Assignment 5 New and Improved Rewards at Work a
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A Right Total Rewards System is a characterized as monetary and nonmonetary rewards offered to employees,which will generate valuable business results. These results range from enhanced individual and organizational performance to improved job satisfaction, employee loyalty, and workforce morale(Henenan, 2007).    However, instead of organizations awarding employees pay increases and other incentives simply for seniority, the so called total rewards program can link rewards to achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives (Henenan, 2007).  Currently, organization’s HR professionals and other managers have begun experimenting with innovative types of rewards in the workplace, including skill based pay and goal sharing and particularly wanting to align workers interests with company goals. The real innovation in total reward strategies occur when human resources professionals and business executives alike realize that there are many other factors that motivate and retain employees other than standard compensation and benefits programs

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