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Assignment 1 LEG500
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As a manager and supervisor of an accounting department, discuss the following issues related to the employment-at-will doctrine and liability of an employer based on actions and responses to the employee’s behavior and actions. Jennifer, a recent graduate, has recently been hired by your accounting firm out of college. Upon being hired, she engages in a number of different behaviors that need you attention. Within each scenario of the employer vs. employee situation, will contain a list of steps to address the situation. Considering the following informative legal outcomes to the Employment-at-Will such as: the firms allowance legally in firing the employee based on the employment-at-will doctrine; the legal implications for the employer vs. the employee in the particular situation at hand; preventative measures that the employer should have or put into place in order to reduce any risk or liability; and if there is any “exceptions” to the employment-at-will doctrine that would apply in the particular incident.

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