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As a defense attorney in Illinois
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There are three levels of the Illinois civil court system: the Illinois Circuit Courts, the Illinois Appellate Courts, and the Illinois Supreme Court.  Civil lawsuits in Illinois usually enter the court system through the Circuit Clerk.  The clerk's office is where lawsuits are filed.  Each county in Illinois has its own clerk.  The Illinois Circuit Courts: The circuit courts are the first level of the Illinois court system.  These are the trial courts where civil lawsuits in Illinois are first heard.  When you sue someone or when someone sues you, this is where you have the trial.  The Illinois Appellate Courts:  The appellate courts review cases that are appealed from the circuit courts.  When you lose a lawsuit in the circuit court, you can try to have the judge's decision reviewed by the appellate court.  The Illinois Supreme Court: The Supreme Court is the highest court in Illinois.  The Illinois Supreme Court is made up of seven justices and is located in Springfield.  The Illinois Supreme Court can choose whether to review cases from the lower courts.


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