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ART100 Study Guide for Exam 2
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Greek art and culture is seen as the beginning of western ideas and cultural characteristics.  Their art can be seen in four general periods.

Geometric Period -  c.800 – 600BCE

Pottery decorated with geometric designs is common and defines this period. Funerary Vase w/Funery Scene, Dipylon, 8th century BCE,  The Amphora – c. 750BCE

Evidence of concept for visual relationships and design begins at this time.

Archaic Period – c.600 – 500BCE

Stone material used for architecture and sculpture, trade with Egypt possible influence for this.

Stone sculptures of the human figure are created and figures are rigid and static.  Figures are portrayed with unusual smile, today referred to as “Archaic smile”.  Pottery advances made including style known today as black figure ware,. Francois Vase c.570BCE. Exekias, The Suicide of Ajax c. 540BCE, red figure ware examples- Pan Painter “Artemis Slaying Actaeon”, Foundry Painter, “A Bronze Foundry”.  Architecture develops style known as Doric style, that seeks ideal proportions

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