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ANT101 week 2 assignment
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As stated by Nowak, B., & Laird, P. (2010) the San, or (Bushmen) are a band society that is made from many nuclear families, which would be a household of a mother, a father and their children. The San are of bilateral decent, meaning that you can trace ancestry from both mother and father. This is useful because this gives the San the opportunity to move from one band to another when resources begin to fall short. With the San being so close in kinship, there is little to no need to worry about where resources will come from.

The San are actually one of the oldest foraging societies to date. Located in Africa, the San are a people who move place to place where food and water is not scarce. The San only use what they need from the earth, moving from one spot to another to make sure that resources are able to replenish themselves. The San makes sure that no home goes without. Each home within the band share their rewards from either hunting or gathering. 

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