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In Iran there is a native pastoralist tribe called the Basseri. What makes this tribe pastoralist is they have pastures that allow cattle, sheep and goats to graze in plus the tribe depends on the animals for food.  All that the Basseri do is centralized around the animals that they own.  In the following pages it will discuss who the Basseri are, their culture and how their living arrangements are set up, the kinship system, theireconomy, and the pastoral chiefdom that is their leader.  In a pastoral culture, everythingrevolves around the ability to be able to successfully execute economic transactions with the animals owned.  This applies to marriage as well; however, in the Basseri culture women happen to be controlled and are forced to have their faces covered in public.  The control of women will later be discussed in this paper. First, the area where the Basseri live needs to be explained in order to have an understanding how the rest of the culture works.

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