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The Batek or The Batek De’ are one group of Malayan aborigines that are still nomadic hunters and gatherers, so the exact locations of their settlements change when one of their tribe members dies or the resources that they use for survival is depleted (Antonio & Gisela, 2013). Historically the Batek dwelled in the forests of Pahang, Malaysia but due to selective logging or clear-cutting the Batek now largely inhabit the Taman Negara National Park. “The national park has remained available to its original occupants and has become a refuge area for other Batek driven out of their home areas due to government encroachment” (Bisht & Bankoti, 2004, p. 105). Today the Batek supplement their foraging by trading forest products like rattan which is used to make furniture, baskets, and fish traps as well as gaharu which is a resinous wood used in incense and perfume (Bisht&Bankoti, 2004, p. 102). The Batek trade such items for money, food, cloth, and metal tools. The forest is a major part of the Batek’s existence so they treat the forest like a “supermarket” that supplies almost all of the 

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