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ANT101- Assignment1wk3
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Historically the Batek dwelled in the forests of Pahang, Malaysia but due to selective logging or clear-cutting the Batek now largely inhabit the Taman Negara National Park. TheBatekor The Batek De’ are one group of Malayan aborigines that are still nomadic hunters and gatherers, so the exact locations of their settlements change within the confines of the area that they inhabit. The forest is a major part of theBatek’s existence. “Unlike some of us who fear the unknown that lurks in the forest, the Batek feel safe there because they have learned to deal with its potential dangers by evolving rituals and taboos and these dictate their behavior towards their environment”(Ismail, 1995).


  1. Thesis Statement

The Batek people have strong values and beliefs, which have effects on their economic and social organization, as well as how they deal with sickness and healing.


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