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The Iroquois tribe was one of the largest and most respected tribes of the land. This massive tribe was divided into smaller groups called clans, which later became recognized as the Six Nations recently having an accounted population of 70,000 (Sultzman, n.d.). The individual tribes within the Iroquois tribe were: Mohawk; Cayuga; Oneida; Tuscarora; Huron; and Seneca. Each individual tribe was divided into 3 or 8 clans depending on size; turtle, bear, wolf, crane, snipe, hawk, beaver, and deer. Each clan was managed by a female elder of the tribe called a clan mother. Due to their horticultural way of life the women have the ultimate say so over the tribe and how it is governed from relationship to leadership and even economical growth, being they were the owners and the elders of the land and the people. Therefore, kinship is traced though a matrilineal social structure because of the woman’s status in their culture (Nowak & Laird, 2010)

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