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Ant.101 wk3 ds1 Social Organization responses
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I agree it is much easier to marry in America than it is in their culture; they place emphasis on the long-term benefits of marriage testing the man’s integrity about how he handles family affairs. Their formal way of marriage is the cultural difference that set them apart from us Americans. Now the informal way they go about some marriage unions, weather joining or separating, in those cultures that only recognize the matrilineal heritage, is much like that of our younger generations. This is represented when couples agree to cohabitate without being formally joined in matrimony and they begin to start a family out of wedlock. This type of action takes the value out of a marriage, when some if not all of those traditional procedures should be followed all over the world to assure stability for the whole family. We must find our sense of heritage and tradition in America and trace our roots to create change in our society today. 

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