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COM 140 Week 7 DQ 1 and 2
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There are many key options when presenting a topic to an audience, some of these consist of Microsoft PowerPoint, Oral presentations, Reports, and using Flyers or brochures. With a PowerPoint presentation this enables people to have a presentation using a slide show. When having an oral presentation this allows a person to discuss any particular topic with an audience face-to-face. When using a report to present something to an audience it could be informal or formal. If its informal it could be an email or if its formal it’s for business. This is not a presentation in front of an audience your audience is the readers. The final one I have mentioned is using flyers or brochures with this you present information to an audience with pictures and graphics with not so many words to get the point across. Normally someone would hand these out to people say for a club or something to that affect. All of these options of presenting information to an audience are all different, it depends on your situation to decide on which one is to be most effective. I personally believe that if I were to present something in a business meeting that a PowerPoint presentation would be most desirable. The reason I say this is because you can use an oral presentation with the PowerPoint to create 

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