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MKT 421 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Marketing Plan Phase III
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As a leader in the food service distribution industry, Food Services America (FSA) provides a large variety of fresh and healthy food products to their customers and understands the importance of eating the right foods to promote a healthy lifestyle.  FSA offers a large selection of fresh food products and is in the position to expand their services further. Therefore, FSA has decided to expand their food services to schools. Schools are a strong target market because of the high obesity rate in children and the programs the government has created to reduce the obesity rate in children. FSA’s emphasis would be providing fresh and healthy food options to children without sacrificing on taste or quality. With FSA’s nine distribution centers and various partners, FSA can provide the products at a lower affordable cost. In phase III of the marketing plan, FSA will analyze the type of products they will be offering to schools.  FSA will also identify who their competitors are, the products they offer, andhow to ensure their product is superior to their competitors. FSA will also be analyzing the marketing mix and the marketing strategy approach they should take. 

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