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During Week Four, students designed a balanced scorecard for their business. A plan, however, will not achieve its targeted results or metrics unless there is a focus on what tactics, actions, and initiatives are needed, who is responsible, and what resources are required. A high-level implementation plan provides this focus. In the implementation plan for a small business, students must identify the specific tactics and strategies, including specific initiatives that must be completed to achieve the strategic objectives and balanced scorecard measures. Students can complete this plan by adding columns to the balanced scorecard format shown in Week Four; or they can develop a table that has the strategic objectives and measures along with identifying the tactics, actions, and initiatives needed to realize each one. In addition to a column for the tactics, students can also include one column for the major resources needed and one column for an estimated due date. In many cases this action plan might also include the name of the person or department that will be responsible and accountable for the plan item. 

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