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BUS415 W 4 LTA Foodmart, Inc Paper
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Masterpiece Construction signed a contract with Foodmart, offering to reconstruct or renovate Foodmart stores.  Unfortunately, Masterpiece Construction was not able to meet the expected renovations to be done, because of the many additions to the contracts they have that can no longer be covered in their schedule. With that, masterpiece construction decided to have a subcontract for the job, and passed the remaining tasks to the Build Them to Fall Construction, without any permission from Foodmart. Apaprently, it was the masterpiece Construction that was really responsible for all the renovations, as clearly stated in the contract, and not any construction company. For Team A, the Masterpiece Construction just committed a breach of contract. This happens when a company creates a subcontract with another company, which is exactly what happened in this case. To make matters worse, Foodmart only received inferior performance from the new company, which can then be considered as material breach of contract. 

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