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Week 2 CheckPoint HIPAA and Information Technology
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Many advantages are offered from a standardized medical records database. A medical records data base could offer patients some of the same privilege as online banking does (Lohr, 2007). A patient would have the privilege of viewing his or her own medical history. The standardized medical records database will give patient the choice to share his or her medical information with doctors and hospitals (Lohr, 2007).The database would also allow patients to permit his or her physician, clinics and hospitals to send medicines, which have been prescribed, and test results such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels to his or her HealthVault (Lohr, 2007).A patient’s personal information will be stored in a safe and secure database. The patient would have the option to choose the privacy controls a including what information goes into his or her healthvault and who views the information (Lohr, 2007). For example; a heart patient would 

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