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Labor Market Scenario
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Our government is devising a scheme to reduce the undocumented travel of immigrants into our country. While this can make our country safer, it will also cause a very bad shift in our labor and supply demand. Everyone knows that the common US citizen will not work in the agricultural field, the work is very hard and one is in the sun all day. This has always been a problem for our farmers, finding workers who will do excruciating work for less than minimum wage. Although it has been an ongoing battle they have always seemed to get their produce to the markets and sell them at reasonable prices, now it seems that all might change. By cutting off the willing and able bodies that generally work our farmer’s fields the price of workers will go up in order to attract other workers. A lower supply of workers means a higher demand for new workers; this in turn causes the wages for the workers to go up in order to draw them in. The direction of the shift would go to the left and the equilibrium of the labor market would raise the normally low wages of the workers. All of this will also cause an increase in our everyday consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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