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HCS 490 - Week 5 - Government Regulatory Agencies Choice Presentation - Instructor's Feedback
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Week 5: Government Regulatory Agencies Choice Presentation Submitted on time

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Feedback from Instructor (Published: Thu 07/28/2011 12:09 PM MST)

Earned Points:19.8/20


Your final team project has now been graded.You included all of the information that was required in the syllabus, you have addressed the issue thoroughly and supported your assertions. Your presentation was well done and showed that you put time and effort into your project and was very organized. Overall you did exactly what was required and I really hope all the presentations in the future are this good. Im glad that you were able to work together as a team and pull it together even with some obstacles. Great Job!! Have a great day and wonderful time at UOP online. This has been a great class!

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