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CheckPoint Modern Challenges in Immigration
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It is my personal opinion that our government should not discriminate against any person trying to gain access to the United States. If two people from different countries apply for citizenship they should both have the same consideration regardless of who has more money or from which country they come from. The only thing that should merit our government from denying the applicant from gaining permission to enter into the US should be based on whether or not they have a criminal record inside the US or in other countries.

     The determination of acceptance as new citizens of the United States should be determined on whether or not the applicant meets the requirements of the application. No criminal record, all applicable charges and prices have been met, whether or not they are trying to enter for job related issues or just for living with family members and living off the government. There should be no justification for our government to choose individuals who have money, talent, or even if they are oppressed. These are decisions that are hard to make but are the right ones morally. 

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