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CheckPoint Characteristics of Orientalism Prejudice and Discrimination
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The difference between Arabs and Muslims is Arab is ethnic and Muslim is a religion. The Arab people do have ties to the Muslim religion but this does not make them only a Muslim. There are people all over the world that have claimed the religion Muslim but they are not Arabs. To make a long explanation short, one is someone’s ethnicity and the other is ones religious belief.


     One change that has happened against the Arab and Muslim people is with the immigration policies. The new policy states that “a twenty-day mandatory hold on all non-immigrant visa applications


submitted by men aged eighteen to forty-five from twenty-six countries, most of them Arab or Muslim” (Cainkar, 2004). Following this change in our immigration policies there was a further change, instead


of the American Consulate in foreign countries being able to approve visa’s, now all visa’s are forwarded to Washington DC to be approved. This is happening all over in the Muslim and Arab countries. 

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