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HCA230 Week 9 Final Project Health Care Roles in 2
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Health Care Roles in Communication

            “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” These are the well known words of a motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins. Communication plays an important role in all aspects of human contact and it is a major element in health care. Successful communication between health care providers and patients is vital because in many circumstances, lives depend on it. On the exterior, health communication may appear to be a straightforward concept; as patients talk to caregivers, and caregivers explain treatment options to patients. However, it is more complex, as many factors control the outcome of health encounters as well as various obstacles hinder the quality of health communication. Some of these obstacles have bottomless roots within the design of health care systems. Other obstacles include socialization of patients and caregivers, barriers in diversity, and cultural views on health. The majority of health encounter involves patient-

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