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HCA230 Week 1 Assignment Managed Care 2
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First off I will discuss the pros of managed care from a consumer and providers perspective. If a consumer is looking at insurance from a financial prospective managed care seems like the right choice. The reason about 93% of Americans chooses managed care over traditional insurance is because it is affordable to no matter what his or her health may be (Axia, 2010).  The consumer pays a set premium amount and then a co payment when visiting his caregiver in the network. Managed care will cover all other expenses associated with his or hers healthcare. With traditional insurance a person would have to pay a deductable and if the expenses go over that set amount then the insurance company would pay 80% of the remaining bill. Also with traditional insurance there is still on top of paying a deductable and the remaining balance that was not covered, they still have a monthly 

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